About Us


IARO is a non-for-profit association of 8 Classification Societies. All members of IARO have been recognized by the Panama maritime Authority to survey and certify vessels under the Panama Flag.

A ship classification society or ship classification organization is a non-governmental organization that establishes and maintains technical standards for the construction and operation of ships and offshore structures. Classification societies certify that the construction of a vessel comply with relevant standards and carry out regular surveys in service to ensure continuing compliance with the standards. Currently, more than 50 organizations describe their activities as including marine classification, twelve of which are members of the International Association of Classification Societies.

IARO is recognized as one of the technical advisor of the Panama Maritime Authority, for maritime safety and environmental protection matters.

The International Association of Recognized Organizations was established in 1996.

Current Chairman of IARO Council is Mr. Santiago Torrijos Oro, Managing Director of ICS Class. Period of performing duties 08.07.2021 – 07.07.2023.


To be a renowned association of classification societies with global impact that is a reference in the generation of new knowledge for sustainable maritime and industrial development.


To group the Panamanian classification societies and maximize capacities to satisfy the needs of our clients, contributing to maritime and industrial development, promoting the safety of life at sea, property and the conservation of the environment.